Resume Database Access (RDA)

Find Better, Faster with foundit’s Resume Database Access that is powered by Semantic Search technology.
If you are looking to hire the best talent out there, your search should end with foundit Database Access (RDA). We have built an intelligent recommendation engine that understands the concept and context of your searches and suggests most suitable candidates basis your search criteria. Moreover, the technology also uses parser algorithm to find relevancy of your keyword and thus picking the best matched candidates for you. Besides making use of the cutting-edge technology to get you the right hire, we have also segmented database on various parameters including IT and non-IT. So, if you are an organization or a recruiter looking for candidates from a specific city, region, skill or Industry, it’s all very simple with foundit Resume Database Access!
  1. Quick and relevant profile search using Semantic Search
  2. Use different filter options to narrow your search
  3. Find candidates by company, city, industry, job roles and more
  4. Connect with shortlisted candidate instantly via e-mail and SMS
  5. Organize your saved profiles in folders the way you want
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