It takes 20 days to reach out to 1000 candidates…can you afford to spend this kind of time? Get Quinton (Quick Interview On-demand) today!
Quinton is an automated tool that empowers recruiters to schedule & effortlessly conduct video-audio interviews with multiple candidates parallelly. With Quinton you can reach out to 1000 candidates in 1 to 4 days flat. Yes, that’s right! It’s the tool that can take your interview woes away by:
  • Saving cost and effort
  • Conducting interviews at a button of a click
  • Shortlisting the candidates
Why you should get Quinton
  1. Enables candidates to take interviews at their convenience (24*7)
  2. Can conduct 1000’s of interviews parallelly
  3. Tracks a candidates response in real time
  4. Stack ranks audio interviews with ratings based on voice emotional intelligence
  5. Does impersonation checks
  6. Shares interview recordings with hiring managers for feedback / shortlisting
Sounds good? Automate your interview process with Quinton today!
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